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Made in France

his advantages

The Combi-Glace ™ is the multifunction pastry machine - ice cream. It makes all your sweet or savory preparations trivial for you while maintaining the authentic aspect of your savory or sweet recipes.

From pastry cream to sorbet full of fruit through creamy and fruit pastes, a wide range of recipes is available to cover all your production needs in the pastry laboratory.

An ultra-ergonomic interface for increasingly personalized starter, main course and dessert recipes and tasty pastry - ice cream - catering - confectionery.
For the rest, let your imagination run wild to concoct small dishes and pastries ...

The machine now includes a “Choux pastry” program.


We thought of our Combi-Glace “Technology” as a multifunction pastry machine - ice cream able to make your daily recipes with regularity.

At the end of the cycle, the product is automatically stored. 


When we think about developing a new machine, robustness is always at the heart of our concerns. 

This is why Combi-Ice “Technology” is made for the most part with stainless steel in order to face the weather calmly.


You can vary the rotation speeds of the Combi-Glace as you wish or even add stages in heating and cooling.

Of course, you won't have to be a programmer to benefit from these changes, everything is done very simply.


We know that your days are dense!

Our Combi-Ice “Technology” will accompany you for many years in the realization of all your daily recipes without failing you.

It requires very little maintenance.


Because a poorly thought-out machine can quickly become a real thorn in everyday life:

Our multifunction pastry machine - ice cream, is available with a stainless steel cover, a scraper and the double tank outlet that can be completely dismantled and washed with water.


We have manufactured the majority of our machines in France since 1973. In this logic, we favor French components as much as possible when available (availability, reliability and price of course).

Our bowl capacities

Bowl of 7 liters

Bowl of 14 liters


Target customers

Pastry 100%
Confectionery 80%
Food 45%
Ice cream parlor 35%


Are you an artisan baker - pastry chef, an ice-cream artisan, a caterer, or a restaurateur?

Are you looking for a multifunction machine equivalent to the Trittico, MasterChef or Robotcream brands?

We have been manufacturing all our machines ourselves in Saint Maur des Fossés, in the Paris region, since 1973. From time to time, we collect used equipment from our manufacture. These machines, including the Combi-Glace ™ which are our multifunction pastry - catering machines, are tested and checked by us.

The wear parts are systematically changed, and in case of doubt we proceed to the replacement of the part.
This allows you to acquire a Combi-Glace ™ or an inexpensive pastocuiseur with the guarantees of a French manufacturer near you.

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