ice cream pasteurizer

A complete range of ice cream pasteurizers for making ice cream and sorbet mixes.

15 liter tank
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the advantages of our ice cream pasteurizers

The ice pasteurizers Hubert Cloix are simple and robust machines designed to support ice cream artisans many years in their daily lives. 

From ice mix to sorbet syrup, yogurt and custard, a wide range of recipes is available to cover all your production needs in the ice cream laboratory.




A minimalist interface to get to the point.


The rapid stirrer is removable and goes directly to the sink.

A tank without small corners for easy cleaning.

Main characteristics





Reference Useful Literature Cycle time Width Depth Height Weight Food
PR-15 14 l 1h15 460 mm 660 mm 1010 mm 85 kg SINGLE 230V
PR-30 26 l 1h40 590 mm 840 mm 1140 mm 135 kg TRI + N 400 V
PR-60 55 l 1h45 670 mm 840 mm 1140 mm 180 kg TRI + N 400 V
PR-120 110 l 2h00 730 mm 850 mm 1190 mm 270kg TRI + N 400 V
PR-240 220 l 2h30 1030 mm 1030 mm 1180 mm 380 kg TRI + N 400 V
Ice cream maker 100%


ARTISANAL ice cream making process

You are a glacier craftsman, for an baker - confectioner, for an caterer, for an restaurateur ? You are looking for a Used Hubert Cloix ice pasteurizer  ?

We have been manufacturing all our machines ourselves in Saint Maur des Fossés, in the Paris region, since 1973.

From time to time, we recover from used equipment of our manufacture.
These machines, including pastocookers, are tested and controlled by us. The wearing parts are systematically changed, and in case of doubt we replace the part.

This allows you to purchase a ice cream pasteurizer Cheap with the guarantees of a French manufacturer close to you.

Do not hesitate to visit our page “Our used machines” , to contact us by mail or directly by phone for any question relating to:

  • a new or used professional ice cream maker
  • a new or used pasteurizer

When you want to have an ice cream, the names and names are numerous, but the result is often there.

Ice cream, granita, vanilla ice cream, natural ice cream, quality ice cream, eskimos, chocolate ice cream, good ice cream, yogurt ice cream or strawberry ice cream.

Whatever the appellation, the most important thing is to feast the taste buds!