A complete range of pastocuiseurs and pastocrèmes for the manufacture of various daily creams in pastry making.

Pastocooker PCR-15

15 liter tank

Pastocooker PCR-30

30 liter tank

Pastocooker PCR-60

60 liter tank

Pastocooker PCR-120

120 liter tank

Pastocooker PCR-240

240 liter tank

Advantages of our pastocuiseurs and pastocrèmes


Why make it simple when you can make it complicated ?

Our pastocookers are easy to use!

From 4 to 7 buttons depending on the version, you will get straight to the point.


Compliance with the set points (hot and cold) is essential for certain sensitive recipes.

Thanks to our double temperature measurement system, you can temper the chocolate in the pastocookers of the “Chocolate” range for example.


A scraper machined in the mass, thick sheets and stainless steel to the detriment of plastic.

Our pastocuisers are made to help you every day for many years.


The Hubert Cloix “Recipe” pastocooker will cover all your needs in terms of creams, pasteurizations and sweet and savory preparations with 17 programs.

Two alternative versions exist.


Thanks to our temperature recorder, you secure the hygiene of your pasteurization, cooking and cold cycles.

Excel export as a spreadsheet or chart.

Made in France

We have manufactured the majority of our machines in France since 1973. In this logic, we favor French components as much as possible when possible (availability, reliability and price of course).







Made in France

Target customers:

Pastry 100%
Glacier 85%
Chocolatier 50%


You are a baker - confectioner, a glacier craftsman, a caterer, for an restaurateur, the central kitchen, the collectivity, the large and medium surface or industrial pastry ? You are looking for a used pastocooker of the Hubert Cloix brand new or used?

We manufacture all our machines in Saint Maur des Fossés, in the Paris region, from 1973.

From time to time, we recover from used equipment of our manufacture.
These machines, including pastocuiseurs which are custard perfect, are tested and controlled by us. The wear parts are systematically changed, and in case of doubt we proceed to the replacement of the part.

This allows you to acquire a used pastocrème Cheap with the guarantees of a French manufacturer close to you.

Do not hesitate to visit our page "Our second-hand machines" , to contact us by mail or directly by phone for any question relating to: